jj lawhorn original good ol boy album, country music, country fed, stomping grounds

JJ Lawhorn: O.G.O.B. Preview

jj lawhorn original good ol boy album, country music, country fed, stomping grounds

Man, I cannot wait for JJ Lawhorn’s Original Good Ol’ Boy album and I know a bunch of folks who feel the same way. If you have never listened to JJ then let me first say you are missing out. I love his sound and he plays and sings the kind of country I listen to day in and day out.

If you want a preview of some of the tracks you will here on the album you can check out some of my personal favorites, “Stomping Grounds, “Sittin On a Tailgate”, “You Can Tell a Man By His Truck”, “Last Of a Dying Breed”, and “Tan Lines”. One song I really like that will not be on O.G.O.B. is “In It For The Honeys” which I’m sure y’all can guess what he sings about in that one. You can also check JJ Lawhorn out on Colt Ford’s tune, “Answer To No One”, which is simply a badass song.

Moving on, I’ve seen a lot of comments and people saying JJ Lawhorn isn’t real country music and doesn’t look like a country star. Well let me say this… SHUTUP!!! I don’t know who decides who is and isn’t country these days but it sure isn’t the record executives in Nashville and Youtube commenters. All you have to do is listen to some of JJ’s lyrics and the songs to feel the passion in his voice and they are all very relatable in my opinion. He sings about what he knows and that’s all I’ve ever cared about. There would have never been outlaws if they never did things differently. Brantley Gilbert would have never wore black all the time if Johnny Cash didn’t do it first and I’m just fine with that.

In the end, I wish JJ the best of luck and know he is going to have great success at what he does. He is from my dad’s home state of Virginia and they could really use some more up and coming country artists. JJ Lawhorn is a good look for country music and I have a feeling he will never conform to what other people say because he reminds me of myself. Keep doing your thing JJ and I know there are a lot of folks ready to buy the Original Good Ol’ Boy album when it comes out July 16th!

Always keeping y’all country fed,

- Marshall

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