“The Outsiders” – Eric Church – Song Review


Listen to “The Outsiders” from Eric Church:



WOW! I will be the first to say that I absolutely love the new single, “The Outsiders”, from Eric Church. There is so much “bro-country” on country radio these days or whatever you want to call it, and it is NOT what I am used to hearing or grew up on. Are some of those songs catchy? Of course, and that’s exactly why everyone is putting out songs with the ability to go number 1 on both the pop and country charts.

It has become clear that it is more about the money than the music to some artists these days, and I won’t mention names. If you look back at one of my first blogs, you might even see me defending the pop-country songs because I never thought it would get to the level it is today. I thought it was simply a phase that would pass by but now I’m worried. Country radio has become almost unbearable where I’m from here in The Carolinas, and now we have Eric Church and “The Outsiders” to the rescue!

Finally, someone took a stand against some of the bullshit we are hearing from extremely talented artists. I don’t want to knock anyone or mention any names, but go listen to old albums from a few big artists and then their new albums and you will understand. Eric Church made his stance against the “bro-country” by putting out “The Outsiders” and I hope it revolutionizes country radio and country music as a whole. Eric has never compromised his music for a dollar and that is why he is my favorite artist. Maybe it’s because we are from the same area, with the same roots, grew up listening to the same music or something, but a lot of people can relate to Eric more so than other country artists.

As far as the song itself, “The Outsiders” is a rock song in the country music genre, which I personally love. If you have ever been to an Eric Church concert or seen his interviews, you know he was greatly influenced by rock and his concerts are awesome because of the rock fused with country. Much of his band has rock ‘n’ roll backgrounds as well, bringing together crazy covers and guitar licks, and solos you cannot get from 90% of other bands in country music. “The Outsiders” represents everything good about Eric Church, everything good about rock music, and everything good about country music.

In the high flying chorus, Eric sings, The outsiders, rebel riders, We’re the ones burning rubber off our tires, Yeah, we’re the fighters, the all nighters, So fire ‘em up and get a little higher. The song starts off slow with an ominous feeling of getting cranked up to 10 at anytime. And once it cranks up, boy you just can’t stop listening. It is the best single Eric has put out in years because it goes against the grain and challenges the rest of the country music industry to get back to the roots of country music. And to top everything off, an electric guitar occupies the instrumental for the last minute of the song, which is amazing!


BUY “The Outsiders” on iTunes today! Thank you Eric Church for staying true to yourself and true to your music. Country music fans like myself really appreciate it.


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